Heating with a 120 kW heat pump

Heating with a 120 kW heat pump фото

Low-temperature heating system along with split type air source heat pump, with heating performance of 120 kW, installed on an enterprise in Odessa region, allow almost 3 times decrease of annual heating cost, compared to gas heating.

Outstanding efficiency of a split type heat pump is acheived due to these factors:

  • Water is heated directly, no need to use any special heat carriers;
  • No interrmediate heat exchanger, thus, no heat loss;
  • No heat exchanger - no overheating loss to get the temperature right after the heat exchanger;
  • No risk of freezing the heat pump's heat excanger, since it's located inside.

System upgrade for air conditioning is avalable. It requires additional devices - fancoils. The existing pipe thermal insulation, in some rooms, allows this upgrade to be done by simply replacing radiators with fancoils of a corresponding type. Upgrading th other rooms require some additional piping to be layed.