Photovoltaic power station, 90 kW for industrial needs

Photovoltaic power station, 90 kW for industrial needs фото

Odesa, Ukraine.

The production process, being expanded, was in need for bigger ammount of electric power. Additional power from the city power grid cost almost the same as building a solar photovoltaic (PV) power station, which could produce up to 90 kW of electicity.

Maximum daily generated electricity is acheived with PV panels facing true south. But this was not the case. The task was to cover the most of daytime as evenly as possible with special attention to morning and evening hours. So, the panels are facing east and west.

Since the power is generated only at daylight, we've had to make some changes to shifts and schedule for the most powerful equipment.

Since the cost of this PV power station was close to cost of just getting additional power from the power grid, the choice was obvious and payback time was instant. In addition, after expanding the production lines, monthly electricity expenses were significantly decreased.